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Final REPORT on Support to IWRM and Investment Strategies, Plans and Financial Policies in Kyrgyzstan

The Report consists of two parts. First part (Sections 2 & 3) presents reviews and recommendations for IWRM introduction in Kyrgyzstan and for improvement of a financing system for water sector in Kyrgyzstan. The reviews were developed on the basis of materials previously submitted with amendments to outputs of the Expert, Mr. K.Valentini performed within this Project.

The Review of a system of regulation of water relations in Kyrgyzstan includes analysis of the scheme of water sector management system reform mentioned by Water Code of the Kyrgyz Republic in line with philosophy of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). Based on the Review carried out there were some measures suggested to support the activities of the National Water Council, in particular, through establishment of the Council’s Secretariat within framework of the Project activities. Draft Regulations on National Water Council, Agenda of National Water Council and its Secretariat are attached to this Report as annexes and recommended to be discussed within further project activities.

The brief review of existing recommendations on improvement of a financing system for the water sector in Kyrgyzstan has justified the rationale of development of the Concept of Investment and Tariff Policy Development Strategy for Water Sector in Kyrgyzstan. The annex to this Report presents Draft of this paper and recommended Priority Action Plan to improve the pricing system and cost recovery in Kyrgyz water sector, which are recommended for discussions within framework of further project activities.

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